Chicken Shed Asbestos Removals

Collapsed chicken sheds with asbestos cement sheeting

Merryhill are in the final stages of removing / demolishing a number of derelict former chicken sheds and a large barn in Surrey. The former agricultural buildings are being cleared to make better use of the space.

Primarily constructed from corrugated asbestos cement sheeting, the multiple buildings were in varying degrees of disrepair, including some which had already collapsed and become overgrown

Given the size of the plot and with it being relatively remote, Merryhill utilised our own 8-man welfare unit which remained on-site for the duration of the project.

Merryhill Welfare Unit

Merryhill has worked on clearing the site of any asbestos cement contamination, picking through overgrown weeds and plants to remove all traces from those buildings which had already collapsed.

Barn with Asbestos Cement Sheeting

The barn remained intact, although in very poor condition. Merryhill also removed all asbestos cement sheeting from this building and carefully demolished the structure, separating all of the waste streams into separate skips.

In total, over 1000m2 of asbestos cement has been removed from the site and the land left completely cleared for our client.

Tower Block Plant Room Decontamination

Brunel House, Portsmouth

Merryhill recently completed a major licensed asbestos removal project in Portsmouth. Brunel House had been left empty and in a state of disrepair for a number of years.

Following a redevelopment plan, the former office block is now planned to be converted into apartments.

Merryhill were contracted by the developer to completely decontaminate the rooftop plant room which was contaminated beneath paintwork with asbestos lagging residues.

As the room was going to be reconfigured and new penetrations made to the room could not simply be re-encapsulated, but required a full removal and decontamination.

The project posed unique challenges as the plant room was located on the 12th floor. This meant transiting waste harder than on the ground. Also, to reduce the length of the transit routes, Merryhill opted for the use of a modular decontamination unit to be built near the working area, rather than transiting to the ground.

Wet Blasting

Merryhill has carried out a number of similar projects recently where previously encapsulated walls and ceilings needed to be asbestos-free prior to demolition.

For large-scale projects such as this one where over 150m2 of walls needed to be cleaned, Merryhill uses a technique called wet-blasting.

All of our operatives are trained to use this technique where a blast media (fine grit) and water are used to remove any contamination from solid walls, floors and ceilings.

The technique is much more efficient that wire-brushing on larger projects and means that any fibres can be suppressed throughout the process as water is used. During the project, Merryhill carried out 6 separate personal monitoring results which all showed the technique was safely below the control limit.

Victoria Cottage Hospital Project

Merryhill has recently completed a large licensed asbestos removal project at the former Victoria Cottage Hospital site in Emsworth, Hampshire.

Having been left vacant for some years, the site is now being redeveloped by Mountjoy to create a new GP facility for the local community.

Merryhill were contracted to the Demolition contractor for the project, a client we have worked very closely with over the past 12 months.

The project involved the removal of licensed asbestos, including asbestos insulation board and asbestos thermal insulation.

Victoria Cottage Hospital Asbestos

Merryhill has a huge range of experience and are able to carry out even the most demanding of projects. The thermal insulation (lagging) identified in the demolition survey was found throughout one of the buildings in various locations including floor ducts, pipe penetrations and residues to walls.

Recent Staffing Changes

New Staff

At Merryhill, we are very fortunate to have an incredibly low turnover of staff with many of our team members having been with the company for many years.

Some of you will have come to know Sandie Lendon (office Manager). After over 11 years of loyal service, she has now moved on to a part-time role and to focus more on her family. Sandie has handed over the management of the office and administration team to Michelle Savage who began in December.

Following a handover period, Michelle is setting in very well indeed. Michelle brings with her extensive experience in managing an administrative function along with knowledge of accounts and HR. We are delighted to welcome her to the team.

New Administrator

In addition to Michelle, Hannah Shepherd also joined Merryhill in December. Coming from outside of the asbestos industry and administration in general, Hannah joins from the hospitality sector and brings with her a wide skill-base which includes excellent customer service and being incredibly organised.

Hannah is the point of contact for all of our local authority / housing clients. Hannah works very closely with our operations department and site teams to manage the often busy workload whilst also keeping tenants happy.