Since the launch of our new electronic audits earlier this year, Merryhill has consulted all those involved to further improve the way we carry out site inspections.

Despite our previous audits being very detailed, there was a lack of focus on core asbestos-related functions. Also, over time, the audit process had burgeoned into something that had become difficult to manage and the data captured, increasingly challenging to interpret.

After a greater emphasis on collaboration between site teams and those members of staff allocated as competent auditors, the decision was made to massively simplify the process.

The exercise involved looking at all our previous inspections over the past 3 years and really focussing on those areas where any weaknesses had been found. In doing so, our revised audits have become a less tedious task and deliver a much-increased value to our business.

Sometimes, taking a step back and involving others in the process, can result in an improved outcome. With an improved focus on licensed projects, in addition to NNLW and non-licensed works, our improved site inspection procedures are not only much more relevant, but much simpler to complete.

Taking guidance from ARCA and our external H&S consultant, we believe our improved auditing process will have a knock-on effect in enhancing general site performance.

Collaboration was the key to success in this instance. This project highlighted the importance of working together with site teams to greatly improve a particular process. The discussion has subsequently had an impact on other areas of our business which will be addressed over the coming months.

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