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Asbestos Sprayed Coating

Asbestos sprayed coatings, sometimes referred to as flock or limpet were widely used from the 1950s until the late 1970s. Sprayed under either high or low pressure, the mixture contained varying levels of asbestos, in addition to other adhesives and resins.

Predominately used as a thermal insulation to warehouses, asbestos sprayed coatings were also used as fire protection to structural steel work and concrete ceilings. In addition, asbestos sprayed coatings were also used as acoustic insulation to walls and ceilings of studios.

Easily damaged and containing as much as 80% asbestos, sprayed coatings are particularly friable and highly susceptible to damage either by impact or water. Asbestos sprayed coatings are therefore considered one of the most dangerous forms of asbestos containing materials and must always be removed by a licensed contractor. Asbestos sprayed coatings were manufactured using all of the 3 main fibre types, including ChrysotileAmosite and Crocidolite.