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Asbestos Thermal Insulation

Asbestos thermal insulation was widely used around hot water pipes and often referred to asbestos lagging. Asbestos pipe lagging was a plaster-based product, manufactured with up to +90% asbestos fibres. Extremely friable, asbestos thermal insulation is considered very dangerous if damaged as the potential for fibre release is extremely high. Used from as early as the 1910s, this type of asbestos product was used until the 1970s. Over the years, most asbestos lagging has been encapsulated, but the most effective method is to have it removed, along with any contaminated pipework.

In addition to pipe insulation, this type of asbestos containing material was also used for:

  • Calorifier and Tank insulation
  • In Floor Ducts and Voids
  • Insulation to Boilers
  • Within Rising Ducts
  • Hardset Lagging
  • Sectional Lagging

Due to the serious health risks possible when dealing with asbestos lagging, removal should always be carried out by a licensed contractor under controlled conditions.