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Asbestos Register Management

An asbestos register is designed to list all of the known and potential asbestos containing materials within a building. The register is often created at the time of either an asbestos management survey. The asbestos register is important as it lists what type of asbestos is present and where it is located.

This is very important for both third party contractors and internal maintenance departments who may require to carry out work in the vicinity of an asbestos containing material. If any works require disturbing asbestos or there is a risk that materials may become damaged then building owners can be proactive and have them removed.

The asbestos register is usually managed and maintained by a nominated person. It is their duty to ensure the register is kept up to date and made available.

We Can Manage your Asbestos Register

Merryhill has the ability to manage an asbestos register on your behalf and provide competent advice and consultancy concerning asbestos and other hazardous materials which may be present in your commercial building.

By managing the register, Merryhill will ensure that records for all known / presumed asbestos containing materials are updated regularly and provide advice regarding re-inspections if required. In managing the asbestos register, Merryhill can also provide a consultancy service, giving recommendations for how certain materials are managed in the future should they deteriorate or become damaged.

Taking a proactive approach to managing asbestos and other contaminants within a building provides peace of mind and can improve employee / tenant well-being. Rest assured that our expert team will work with you to manage future risks.