Merryhill Envirotec is pleased to announce that we have gained the honour of being featured on the Asbestos Information Centre (AIC) website. This highly respected site is an excellent source of all information relating to asbestos, including asbestos identification, asbestos removal and asbestos training.

The information contained on the AIC website was originally written by renowned asbestos expert Tony Hutchinson. The AIC provides a free resource to building owners, contractors and householders about the dangers of asbestos, how to identify different types of material and contains information about asbestos regulations.

Andrew Dart, Operations Director at Merryhill Envirotec said: “We are delighted to now be featured on the AIC website as an asbestos removal contractor. Our commitment to best-practice and an our mission to be the safest asbestos contractor in the UK is highlighted by the new relationship, further reinforcing Merryhill’s dedication to the promotion of high industry standards.”

The AIC website is managed by High Speed Training, an IATP approved Asbestos Awareness training provider. The link below will take you to our new feature on the AIC site:

Merryhill Envirotec on the Asbestos Information Centre

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