Merryhill are in the final stages of removing / demolishing a number of derelict former chicken sheds and a large barn in Surrey. The former agricultural buildings are being cleared to make better use of the space.

Primarily constructed from corrugated asbestos cement sheeting, the multiple buildings were in varying degrees of disrepair, including some which had already collapsed and become overgrown

Given the size of the plot and with it being relatively remote, Merryhill utilised our own 8-man welfare unit which remained on-site for the duration of the project.

Merryhill Welfare Unit

Merryhill has worked on clearing the site of any asbestos cement contamination, picking through overgrown weeds and plants to remove all traces from those buildings which had already collapsed.

Barn with Asbestos Cement Sheeting

The barn remained intact, although in very poor condition. Merryhill also removed all asbestos cement sheeting from this building and carefully demolished the structure, separating all of the waste streams into separate skips.

In total, over 1000m2 of asbestos cement has been removed from the site and the land left completely cleared for our client.

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