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Hazardous Waste Removal

Merryhill is one of only a handful of companies nationwide that are able to operate fully in a range of exceedingly difficult high hazard conditions.

As a result of knowledge and skills gained via our origins as an asbestos removal contractor, over fifteen years ago we developed a complimentary suite of services that developed through our strength and depth in health & safety arrangements in dirty, contaminated environments. As such, Merryhill is able to offer a complete service for hazardous waste removal.

We currently provide remediation services to clients across the UK whose own services mean that they must operate within hazardous environments. Merryhill can undertake analysis, surveying, removal and where needed encapsulation works in the following major areas.

Lead Removal

Lead surveys to MDHS 6/3 & removal, including lead paintwork sampling, surveys and removal.

Sharps Removal

A full survey and removal service for sharps, syringes and any other kind of bio hazard or medical waste.  We will remove needles and sharps hazardous waste safely, thoroughly clean,  disinfect and fumigate affected areas, and dispose of all waste legally.

Guano (Pigeon Waste) Removal

Excrement from pigeons and other birds can create a major health hazard for building occupants, building service operatives and other building stakeholders. When excrement dries it becomes friable and the organisms therein can travel as airborne contaminants.

Inhaled dust from infected droppings or feathers can result in pulmonary disease. Removing the guano must be undertaken in fully controlled conditions, using the correct Personal Protective Equipment, and our operatives are trained to work in the extreme conditions this service demands.

Machine-Made Mineral Fibres (MMMF) Removal

Mineral wools are part of a group of products called machine-made mineral fibres (MMMF) which also includes ceramic fibres, special purpose fibres and continuous filament fibres. It exhibits good resistance to heat and chemicals and can be woven. It is therefore widely used in thermal and acoustic insulation of buildings and process plant and as structural fire protection.

The COSHH Regulations apply to all forms of MMMF. An exposure level has been set; inhalation exposure to MMMF should always be reduced to a level as low as is reasonably practicable and, in any event, the exposure level should not be exceeded. Insulation, construction and removal activities can create relatively high levels which may exceed the limits if suitable precautions are not taken. Merryhill can advise on surveying for and removing MMMFs where appropriate under controlled conditions.

Beryllium Removal

Works undertaken in a potential Beryllium environment should be carried out under strictly controlled conditions, utilising many of the same systems as for asbestos removal.

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