Asbestos Removal London

Merryhill carries out asbestos removal across London.

Covering all areas of London, from Richmond to Redbridge and everything in between. Merryhill is a fully licensed asbestos removal contractor working throughout Greater London and the surrounding areas.

The asbestos removal services carried out in London include:

Merryhill Envirotec provide a full range of services in asbestos removal and asbestos abatement. We are fully licensed by the Health & Safety Executive, holding a full license to provide asbestos removalasbestos encapsulationasbestos waste disposal and asbestos management.

  • All asbestos removed under strictly controlled conditions
  • We operate fully to current legislation
  • All our operational staff hold the highest qualifications in the UK for asbestos removal
  • 100% commitment to health & safety best practice

All asbestos is removed under strictly controlled conditions and very tightly implemented health & safety systems. We operate fully to current legislation, are independently audited, members of ARCA (Asbestos Removal Contractors Association), and our operational staff hold the highest qualifications in the UK for asbestos removal.

Merryhill can undertake asbestos removal within a wide variety of buildings and environments along with many other services including fire / flood disaster recoveryindustrial cleaning and the removal of other hazardous materials.

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Asbestos Cement Sheets

Widely used for external roofing and cladding, asbestos cement can typically be found on shed and garage roofs.

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Textured Coating (Artex)

A very common type of asbestos containing material found in both commercial and domestic properties.

Asbestos Floor Tiles

Asbestos floor tiles were very commonly used in kitchens, bathrooms and commercial buildings.

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Asbestos Sprayed Coating

Asbestos sprayed coating was used for insulation and fire protection.

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Asbestos Lagging

Asbestos thermal insulation (lagging) was applied to heating systems.

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Asbestos Insulation Board

Asbestos insulation board (AIB) was used widely for heat retention.