Merryhill is always looking to improve our operational effectiveness and our in-house auditing plays a big part in ensuring best-practices are adhered to at all times.

In addition to independent audits carried out on a monthly basis, our own managers audit sites regularly. The site auditing process covers all matters relating to health and safety, not just those directly concerning asbestos removal.

Traditionally this had been done in a paper format and all records filed centrally. Whilst the system proved effective, the data that could be extrapolated was cumbersome and time-consuming.

Merryhill has recently switched to a completely electronic system. Utilising tablet technology which was already being used by our site teams, our own managers can now visit and audit a project using their device. By inputting comments directly into an electronic form, these can be emailed once completed and any data extracted.

As part of our ongoing improvement measures, the data captured from site audits can be used to spot trends and any potential weaknesses. By doing this electronically, trends can be spotted much more quickly and dealt with efficiently.

Improving our working practices, whether this be through paperwork or site procedures is of huge value. Better analysis means we can be more effective. By spotting where things can be improved more quickly, this enables us to deal with issues through toolbox talks and formal training if required to ultimately enhance the service we deliver to our customers.

For more information about our auditing procedures and the new electronic system, please contact us to discuss and queries you may have.

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